Album Art

December 8, 2007

Album Art, originally uploaded by danakin.

I want to record songs just so I can use this as the album art

Holy Toledo!

December 8, 2007

Why does it seem like there is a ton of work ahead for me in the last week and a half? What’s left for me for this semester:

  • Presentation for Safety Management (done, should have presented today but other presenters went long)
  • Presentation for Const. Proj. Mgmt. (doing Sunday or Monday, presenting Tuesday)
  • Final Safety Management quiz (sometime next week)
  • Construction Equipment Management final (next week)
  • Structures final (next week)
  • Safety Management final exam (Mon 17th, 10am)
  • Const. Proj. Mgmt. final exam (Wed 19th, 3pm)
  • Structures final project (due Mon 17th)

The only thing I see in all of that that even remotely worries me is that blasted Structures project. I’ve been ranting about it for a while, and it worries me a bit that I won’t be able to figure it out. I’m devoting all of this weekend to finishing the joint analysis, which is about 60% of the project itself, and has held me and Kevin up for two weeks. I know that once I get that done the rest of the project will fly by. It’s all stuff I’m decent to excellent at.

Staggering amount of quizzes and exams in a week span aside, I don’t think that there is that much on my plate for some reason. I’m more worried about getting home safely than many of the exams (though not implying I’m blowing off the exams as a mere trifle). I just want to figure out the truss project. If anyone has any method to explain to me what I am doing wrong, by all means let me know.

As mentioned, I am worried about getting home safely. Typically, this doesn’t bother me at all, but this time around, it’s a bit different. I know the route from here to Midland like the back of my hand and I love the journey, especially in the winter when everything is so majestically covered in snow. But I’m not going that way this time (as of now). Instead, I am taking M26 out to Wisconsin, up in to Duluth and all the way down through Minnesota (which I am not a fan of) and Iowa (which I love!) and then finally in to Missouri. I’m on a total of 4 different roads the entire trek, with I-35 being well over 50% of the trip alone.

Highway driving is alright, but there is something foul that emanates from Duluth to the Iowa state line that just screams “unsafe!” to me. I guess I just don’t like Minnesotan roads for some reason.

If you haven’t figured out by my Flickr stream, I love taking pictures casually out the windshield while in the car. In the UP, I have the roads figured out enough to where I know when there are sharp curves ahead so I know not to take a picture so as not to crash. Driving home for Christmas is going to be different. Pictures will still be taken, mind you, but the country roads with all their curves and slopes will not be the subject.

Also, I’ll be driving through the late night. This is my favorite time to travel for all sorts of reasons. The folks I’ve met in truck stops and convenience stores and rest stops are ten ways past colorful characters. The roads empty out a great deal around 1-2am, and by 3am there is hardly anyone on the highways at all. And the night just adds a sense of relaxation to my trip. The day isn’t bad, but it doesn’t always intrigue me.

Jill and some girls are going to Grand Rapids for a pampering day or something. Hoping that the cyst on her back won’t give her any discomfort. Man, that thing looks painful.

It’s late, and I will wake when I please. Probably to a blanket of another three inches of snow.