Earlier I wrote about how I tend to disagree with Chris Messina a fair amount but occasionally we come to terms on a subject.

Microsoft is not that subject.

Earlier today Chris Tweeted: ” Taking on Microsoft never grows old: http://www.opera.com/pressreleases/en/2007/12/13/

The basic gist of the article is that Microsoft is being sued for some monopolistic crap because they bundle their own web browser in to their own operating system, which can be thought of as noncompetitive in a sense. So Opera and a bunch of folks want Microsoft to unbundle Internet Explorer from Windows.

Anti-monopoly is one thing. Being a dick to advance your own company is another. Oh, and not thinking it through all the way either…real smart?

So let’s imagine a scenario where Microsoft loses this case and Windows is shipped sans Internet Explorer. Alright. Get the computer set up, Windows is up and running, you got all your drivers working and presto! You have an internet connection! With NO WAY TO ACCESS THE INTERNET INITIALLY! So you try to go to Opera.com, Mozilla.org, Flock.com, Yourwebbrowserofchoice.com how exactly?

OK, so the next logical argument is that “Well Microsoft should package Firefox/Opera/BrowserX in Windows.” Hayel no!

Go to Ford. See if this business model flies.

“Hey Ford, we noticed your steering columns are locked in to only being Ford parts, and, uh, that’s kinda monopolistic don’t ya think? I mean, GM steering columns are engineered better. If y’all don’t change columns, we’re gonna have to go to court over this.”

How much sense does that make? Or in this scenario, the car wouldn’t even have a steering column initially.

Let’s think about it at an angle that probably would resonate for Messina (an avid Apple supporter/enthusiast/promoter). Mac OSX comes with a ton of bundled software from Apple off the bat. Safari equates to IE (though admittedly better). Why should Apple be allowed to sell an operating system that has their programs bundled on it from the get-go? Should there be some judicial action? No!

Let the darned companies bundle the software they write in the operating system they write. People are smart enough to figure out how to remove bundled software nowadays. If Firefox’s increasing market share trend shows us anything it is that people KNOW IE sucks and they want options. But to force MS to remove it outright is just kicking a dude in the stitches after an appendectomy. What happened last decade WAS definitely shady and ruled monopolization in the end. Read up folks! You CAN install new browsers. You SHOULD install new browsers. And then you should CHOOSE the browser you want. Microsoft doesn’t force you to use IE anymore save for ONE TIME, and during that one time you go to the browser’s site, download it, and then you install it.