Been posting things of a bit more substance lately, I think. That is both good and bad. While more random folks are likely to find the information useful (haha!), folks that know me don’t get that general insight in to every little detail of my comings and goings. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, I don’t know.

However, I suppose I could let folks know what has been going on.

Got here on the 20th, and was generally useless that day. I just hung out with the dogs and my family.

Come to think of it, that’s kinda how this entire break has been. That’s kinda the way I like it.

I have been playing Mario Galaxy and Guitar Hero III on my Wii occasionally (saving the bulk of the games for playing with friends up north), and have also been reading a fair bit. I had bought Bloodlines by Karen Traviss a few weeks back. I started in on the first two chapters. Third chapter in and I realized that the book was actually a part of a series; the Legacy of the Force set. So I went back to the store and bought Betrayal, the first book in the series by Aaron Allston. I am about a fifth of the way through Betrayal, and I can tell you this for sure: Aaron Allston is a much better writer. Traviss seems to write at a much lower level, and though the storyline is much more intriguing in her book, I don’t know if it will feel like the same series with her much simpler language.

I redid my resume. It was painful to do. Physically. I get these crushing migraines that make me want to tear my eyes out whenever a major front rolls through, and caffeine tends to alleviate the pain (very) temporarily. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fully remove the pain, so I am stuck being awake and sick. So to get through it, the resume had to be redone. Don’t know what made me do that to kill time til I could sleep again, but it needed to be done. Thanks to Evan and Mike for the great tips (as of this writing, I haven’t uploaded the revised version to the blog, should be up tomorrow though). I tried to get my cover letter written for one company today, but it came out unprofessional and I scrapped it.

Ruminated on aquarium matters. Twice. Not to mention I was actively studying plant species and DIY plans for CO2 and lighting equipment. Also, today I bought a nano (1-1.5 gallon) tank that will be my sub-project/fish nursery.

I argued with Wikipedia deletionists. I…I don’t know what to say. Other than “What a shame.”

I read through Flock feedback. Responded to a little bit of it earlier this week, but haven’t since.

Took my car in to Dan’s Auto Works in Liberty, MO. Dan is an awesome guy, and I think he would do wonderfully in the UP. Went in to have everything looked at, but namely the wheel bearings, ball joints, shocks/struts, and things of that nature. Was extremely pleased when he came back and said that my 1990 Toyota Celica ST (that makes it 18 years old now) was in great shape. Only thing he found wrong was that my front driverside tire was cupped. This explains the vibrations and the noise at high speed. I believe this was caused by poorly balanced and/or aligned tires, and not actually worn shocks, as they seen to be in good shape. The total cost for the entire inspection was $39! A far cry from the multiple hundreds of dollars I was expecting to pay to have things repaired. Though, in the fact that he found nothing wrong, this makes me second guess the diagnostics a little. My car runs fine about 95% of the time, but that other 5% is kinda disconcerting. So though the front left wheel bearing isn’t going out as was feared there was something wrong in that area. I’ll have the car inspected again in May. Tomorrow I will head to the tire shop and get new front tires, an alignment and rotation and have the current front right tire turned in to a full size spare.

Exercised a bit. Started drinking copious amounts of water to boost my metabolism starting three days ago. What a drastic difference three days makes.

Sleep cycle is still really off. I will go to bed upon the publishing of this post. Sunday I leave for Toomsuba, MS to visit my grandparents. Should be quite a trip there, as I am wholly untravelled on that route.

Missing Jill, but what else is new, eh? I think we both got each other pretty neat Christmas gifts this year. She got me a digital photo frame, and I got her a full tea set with kettle, mugs, sugar bowl, tea, teaball, and season three of The Office (which is actually a gift for both of us)