Oh What A Night

January 1, 2008

Last night was New Year’s Eve and I spent it with friends. We hung out at a friend’s house all night long drinking beer, hot tubbing, and playing rock band. Let me tell you that the drums are addicting. Singing can be too if you actually know the words to the song being played. It was a great time, though I felt alone. It’s not the greatest feeling in the world when special events/moments occur and you can’t have the love of your life by your side enjoying every minute. I made it through the night making sure I kept myself busy.

Tomorrow I’m going to Grand Rapids to try my wedding dress on. It came in to David’s Bridal after I ordered it the last time I was there. So that’s something to be happy about. I’ll need to get some shoes and a head piece that my grandma wants to buy for me to wear.

This is my last week of vacation before having to face my third semester of nursing school. This semester is the core of the program and we will be learning a ton. I haven’t touched any text books yet to get a start on the material. This next semester will wear me down a bit so I’m enjoying every minute of relaxation as I can. This semester is going to be very educational, and I’m sure it will be fun getting to learn a lot. So I’m both nervous and excited. But that’s pretty normal.