January 8, 2008

Several issues with my car remain.

One: The steering is a bit tight. It’s like it wants to pull to the left half the time. Just got the tires aligned and it still persists. Could be just a low left tire. Thing is, tire is new, which means I’m leaking somehow. Through the wheel itself? Can’t be.

Two: I have no reliable airbag. I somehow have the airbag light perpetually on, meaning it’s not a sure thing it will fire if I crash. I think it stems from accidentally removing a wrong fuse, which caused a code and I don’t know how to reset it (yet).

Three: I have 750 miles to Midland tomorrow. Wishing it was less.

Schedule for the next few days as follows:

  • Tonight – Pack, pay tuition, load car
  • Wed – Head to Midland. Leaving 7am EST/6am CST
  • Thurs – Not sure what we are going to do. Jill’s mom’s birthday, so dinner out?
  • Friday – Breakfast at Bob Evans with Jill in the morning. Job interview at HSC at 11:30am! I hope I get an offer. It would save me so much stress.
  • Saturday – Breakfast, hanging out, lunch, and then leaving for Houghton. Taking my time, hopefully it is clear that night and the auroras are out.
  • Saturday – 9/10pm – Arrive in Houghton, unload, and hide my keys. Don’t want to drive for a long time!

Somewhere in there I think Jill and I are going to go look at an apartment.

Alrighty, back to packing and prepping for the interview.

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