So Cold…

January 20, 2008

It is about one degree outside. Tack on windchill and driven snow and it feels like it is about -20. I don’t want to do anything in that. So I am inside. Where it seems to be about 60 degrees. The boiler typically keeps everything heated well, but it is just failing to work today it appears.

I really have to get my head un-messed up. I am dehydrated and the weather has been throwing me in to a mild migraine as well since Friday morning.

Got my statistics book, so Monday I’ll be doing homework for that. No classes on MLK day, which is a bit of a plus, but it also throws off any cycle I was trying to get in to. Then again, the entire spring semester has the tendency to do that. First it’s MLK day, then 4 weeks in it’s Winter Carnival, then a few weeks later it’s spring break, then a few weeks later it’s spring fling, and then it’s graduation.

I want to get over this registering for gifts stuff and back to loving Jill normally. This seems so odd to me, and it’s thrown my focus off of her a lot. Just odd, that’s all.


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