It is brutal cold outside, and I am not used to this actually affecting me. As a result, I am staying inside as long as I can.

Now Wii friends with Steve Brubaker, who sent me an awesome set of Miis, including him and Kristy, and Chuck Powell and Jim McGiness (both from church). Totally sweet.

This is my long day, and I’m already feeling beat. It doesn’t end until 9pm tonight.

I’m not sad in any way about Heath Ledger. Typical Hollywood star, addicted to drugs and the abuse was killing him, even his friends saw it. Worst part of it (only part that gets me at all) is his only relief and happiness was his 2 year old daughter. That is what truly sucks, that girl has no dad now.

But then, this is not that uncommon to happen to Joe Schmoes all over the country. Folks die everyday for various reasons. Children are left fatherless, motherless. A Hollywood star is no different, but gets all the press coverage in the world.

How many of our citizens die in gang fights every day? In just simple acts of violence every day? Then, how many are we losing in Iraq daily? Our country has a higher mortality rate than Iraq, and it doesn’t faze folks. Lookit, the situation in Iraq isn’t good, but it isn’t bad either. Just like you never hear about good, every day cops, you only hear about the corrupt ones, we aren’t seeing the improvements in Iraq on the nightly news. We aren’t going to pull out of Iraq with the country’s infrastructure and rebuilding only half-completed because then that makes us the bad guys. We stick with it, see it to the end, then we’re the good guys. I’m not convinced it is bad over there. There is some bad stuff going on, but there is also bad stuff going on here in the inner cities, in rural towns where entire families are brutally murdered, pretty much anywhere there is something bad going on.


I’m gonna make an English muffin with butter now. It should warm me.