Normal Saturday? Possibly…

January 26, 2008

Saturdays look like they’re going to be devoted to working on my Construction Project Sim project. It’s frustrating that the two most difficult things to take off (“take off” meaning to quantize and price) are in the first three divisions of the CSI Masterformat. Site Construction (which includes paving and grading and grubbing and all that) and Concrete Work make up Divisions 2 and 3 respectively. They take a lot of time for fledgling estimators like us to do because, well, we’re inexperienced so we don’t know the little tricks to everything. Once you do this about 50 times, I’m sure there are tips and shortcuts to get things accurate and fast.

So today looks like it will be interesting.

  • 12:30pm-X:30pm (where 1<x<4): Work on taking off sim project
  • 5ish – Dinner with Solo’s parents. Hope they brought Pugs. I love that dog.
  • 7:30pm: Broomball practice
  • 8:30pm: Relax? Please?

I’ve been doing the marriage planning thang this week. NOT the wedding planning. Jill is doing a great job with that. What I have been doing is getting everything in order so that we can get everything transferred, consolidated, set up, bought, changed and settled. Stuff like getting an apartment. Or getting us on the same phone plan to save money. Or getting all the money stuff set up for the future. A lot of it centers around the money thing. Expenses and all that. I did get a budget roughed out based on my estimations of salary (I did get a figure, but I am not sure what the deductions will be for sure. Going with a 40% deduction to budget off of).

Between that and studying and homework, you have my week.

Today I finally had a little bit of time to unwind after all my classes were done. I’m up late though, which really is backwards compared to my “bed at 1am” plan. I “beat” Mario Galaxy, meaning I beat Bowser, but I still have a ton of stars left to collect. I went out to the newest eatery in Houghton: Arbys. Just opened today. Super fast service (under 30 seconds!) despite being jam packed.

Solo is right; once you have a job lined up you just want to get gradumitated and out of college. Especially when that means getting a few months closer to marrying your highschool sweetheart 🙂

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