During my broomball practice today I got smoked with a broom at full swing to both of my shins. I’ve been kicked in the shins, blocked kicks with my shins, all of that. But something about a broom handle hitting the shins at slapshot speed kinda hurts more than that.

So I have a nice bloody mark at the spot of impact on my right shin.

It doesn’t look like much, that’s for sure. But it does hurt. I can’t quite put all my weight on my right leg at the moment (not for too long anyway). Tomorrow I am expecting the bruising to be noticeable, but the pain to be better.

Working on that sim project today took a bit of time. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite get as far as we had hoped (finished). We kept running in to odd parts of the plans (like the stepped foundation for no apparent reason) that made us have to do more individual takeoffs than were originally planned. Not a huge deal, but more time consuming. Worked for about four hours on the project, and got the slab on grade, footings, foundation walls and foundation rebar estimated. Up next is getting pricing for the hollow core concrete planks, finding all the dowel rebar, and getting the miscellaneous concrete items (grout, vapor barriers, membranes, agents, etc) estimated and priced.

I don’t think I’m setting an alarm tonight. I haven’t slept right in a matter of days, and my waking hours are suffering because of it. There are some symptoms that may not be directly because of the lack of good sleep, but caused in part by it. It’s not that it isn’t 6-8 hours of sleep, because it is. It’s that I keep waking up in the middle of sleep in the middle of dreams and then failing to get back to sleep afterwards. I’m pretty sure that just waking up in the middle of pleasant lucid dreams is not a healthy sign.

On my plate for this Sunday I have to get up and do the showering thing and all, and then it’s working time again. I’ve got statistics homework to do, followed by a Technical and Scientific Communications analysis paper and worksheet to do. After that I’m going to see if I can take off a few more items on those plans, and then clean up my room (again). Once all that is done, I’ll have myself a cup of tea, an English muffin, and then bake some pumpkin pie cups my mom sent me a kit for. They look delicious.

Winter X Games are on right now. I haven’t watched them in 5 years. I have missed a lot. Now I want to hit the slopes.

Got a post of substance (aka, not about me and my life) in the works. Should be something other than crappy.

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