Recipe for an Alternative

February 2, 2008

So you want to try sushi, but don’t like the idea of raw fish? Alright. Here’s what you do.

Choose a cut of beef. I would go with something tender and tasty, like a flank steak. Cook it up. For a flank steak, marinate it in teriyaki sauce for a 8 or more hours, then grill it over medium flame/heat. Slice in thin strips and then place in your sushi roll.

I’m 100% sure I am not the first one to come up with this, but I truly love steak sushi. I haven’t even made it yet, but I know I will love it 🙂

For the Super Bowl on Sunday, my dinner will be sushi. It will be tasty and awesome.

Also, I am finished with one bottle of Bell’s Hopslam Ale. From Comstock, MI, this ale is brewed with honey and what I can only assume is about thirty trucks worth of hops per bottle. Talk about bitter and hoppy! Also, the brew is 10% ABV, and I can only assume that that is why I feel so awkward at the moment.

Since I’m on the subject of off-subject tangentials, I have been watching a ton of Animal Planet and National Geographic Channel. Also, using the Golf Channel to relax.  And I got the Golden Fishing Rod in Animal Crossing Wild World for the DS. Playing it for about 15 minutes every other night as I go to bed.

Broomball game at 11:45am. Yays. Goodnight.


One Response to “Recipe for an Alternative”

  1. Lloyd Budd Says:

    That sounds delicious! I will have to try this some time.

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