Black Belt

February 3, 2008

Despite my figure, I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I used to take pride in it, now I look at that with weary, longing eyes.

I weigh exactly 170lbs as of a few minutes ago. My goal is to get to 155lbs by my wedding. More importantly, my goal is to be in black belt shape by my wedding.

How will I accomplish this in six months? Training like I was a black belt. Every day.

So the typical routine for our class sessions were actually pretty balanced between strength, speed and endurance training.

Warm Up:

  • Neck stretches. Look hard left, look hard right, look up, look down
  • Shoulder, elbow and wrist rotation stretches (circles with the joints to loosen up)
  • Side stretches. Hands on hips, one arm up, lean to the side
  • Ab and back stretches. Hands on hips, lean way back, lean way forward
  • Knee stretches. Hands on knees, rotate
  • Jumping jacks. About 100 or so
  • Situps and leg lifts. 3 sets of 30-50 alternating
  • Pushups. Knuckle. 50
  • Leg stretches.
  • Butterfly stretches


  • Front stretch rising kicks. 10-20 each leg
  • Back stretch rising kicks. 10-20 each leg
  • Side stretch rising kicks. 10-20 each leg
  • 3 beat. Block-punch-kick speed combo to build endurance. 5 minutes. Start with front kick, then side, then turning, then inner and outer crescent, then hook.
  • Forms. Start with Chon Ji and work up through Hwa-Rang
  • Sparring for speed and strength. Nobody wants to spar me here. I don’t know if it’s because they are afraid I’m rusty and will be inaccurate or if they just plain don’t want to fight for fun. Also, I haven’t really asked anyone if they want to lately. Therefore, I will be shadow sparring, kinda sorta.
  • Kick and punch drills
  • Flying kick fun. Try to do a 540 spin kick off just the ground. Basically, this is how we got off the dojo mats after class was dismissed. We’d take running leaps and do crazy flippy kick things on the kickbags. It was fun, and some of the guys were just super accurate and fast.

So that’s my basic workout. I’ll also be going running at the gym and doing upper body work there whenever I can manage to go with Solo and Bakke (which is rare since they go when I have class).

Diet wise it’s just the same old eat less eat better mantra. I’m just eating one or two sandwiches for lunch mostly, and dinner is maybe a burger or something. Steak salad. Whatever sounds good and affordable. I’m also drinking much more water. I’m at about 48oz a day, which is much better than it has been for me. If I can get that up to 80 or so I think I will feel much clearer.