Bloody Cold

February 10, 2008

It is ridiculously cold outside. Beyond that even. -29F. It is past freezing. It is painful. But I like this kind of weather. It makes me happy to be inside. I played a full broomball game in that, and it was a grueling test of a match, even though it was just a practice scrimmage. Oh, and I played like crap, because of several factors. One, it was cold and snow was piled in the rink. Two, I slipped early on and jacked my elbow up on the ice. Three, I got tired because it was hard to breathe with 40mph winds filled with snow blasting my face. Fourth, I had already played a game earlier in the day, and had no problems just playing for fun, therefore breaking my coverage (I play defense).

In the end I hobbled away for a warmer destination. Hobbled? Yup. Garret drilled my left knee with a full on shot as I dove for the ball.  It was one of those pains that I had to be helped off the ice for, and once my brain processed the feeling, made me want to throw up. It may sound weird, but thats a good thing to me. If I get injured, it needs to be something that takes me out.

This blizzard will hopefully cancel the game tomorrow. I want to go to church, but broomball is scheduled right as church gets out. Either way, I don’t want to go to the game tomorrow so I can rest my knee and so I can get to church.

Homework for Monday is just 2 stats problems and some network diagrams for scheduling (which I don’t have the book for).


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