Getting in line

February 13, 2008

I haven’t been to my stats class in a long time. I need to get back to going to it, but because it is at 8am, and I am constantly up late night working on other projects, it is rare that I make it.

This hurts. Stats isn’t that hard, and I like the prof to some extent, so to be doing bad in that (while doing great in all other classes) isn’t a good thing.

More for my use, to straighten out what needs to be done:

Wednesday (today)

  • Project Sim – Deliverable #2 (Divisions 4-6) due at 3pm
  • Small group at 6pm
  • Valentines day stuff until late late night


  • Sleep until 10am, skip 8am stats class in favor of 1pm class
  • IME PR work until IME meeting at noon
  • 1pm stats class
  • 3pm presentation for project sim. I think I might present this week
  • 5pm dinner and workout, not necessarily in that order
  • After workout and dinner, finish up stuff for comm. class


  • Resume, cover letter, reflection paper due for comm. class at 11am
  • Quiz in project sim at 3pm

Monday (18th)

  • More project sim stuff tenatively due
  • Cram for stats exam?

Tuesday (19th)

  • Stats exam
  • Dude, it’s the last first exam of the semester for college for me!

Thursday (21st)

  • Project sim presentation

Monday (25th)

  • Scheduling exam
  • Project sim stuff due again

Thursday (28th)

  • Project sim presentation

Monday (3rd)

  • Project sim stuff due again…
  • Weight training class starts up at 930am. Yay!

Thursday (6th)

  • Project sim bid opening

Friday (7th)

  • More project sim project stuff due…at 3pm. After that, it becomes SPRING FLIPPIN BREAK

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