Two AM

February 20, 2008

Man, I need sleep. But I need to finish out the finish work takeoffs for my project sim project that is due in approximately 13 hours. I have been staring at the paint specs for a while and need to snap out of it (hence blogging now instead of working).

I meant to be done at 1am. Unfortunately, Jill and I had an argument/long discussion that took up a good three hours or so of the evening. That pushes me back to 4am, which leaves me with about three hours of sleep. And the argument was actually kind of good. It sounds weird, but I enjoy knowing that we can argue without yelling at each other or leaving mad, so I really kind of like to argue. Odd eh? Perhaps it just reinforces the fact that we love each other enough to get over it.

Tomorrow is a supremely long day, which means I either have to nap after project sim class or do something or other to keep energy up. Basically, I have either class or working on the project sim project from 8am-4pm, Bible study from 6-7pm, and then my very last broomball game ever at 9pm.

I will be playing sans shirt. And since this is the last game I will ever play on campus, sans pants.  Screw the weather. It is expected to be in the single digits before windchill, but that doesn’t faze me.

Along the fitness lines, my workout routine, as random and sparse as it is, seems to be working. Not for dropping weight (though I am down two pounds from last week to 170lbs) and losing my gut, but getting muscles up and working where they should. I can actually feel muscles in my arm again. And I think I look better, personally. If I can lose the belly, I will be happy, but it is going to require a significant amount of cardio and eating right: both things I tend not to get around to when I am busy with school.

Just got new toys. I got resistance tubing, which after working with for a while I have concluded is pretty neat. They don’t provide quite enough resistance on their own, so I doubled them up, and it seems to work a bit better. Shoulder presses are pretty effective with the tubing, as are triceps curls. Bicep  curls can be done, but it takes more reps to feel the burn. The cool thing is that the burn is one of those deep burns that I can’t get with just dumbell bicep curls. Don’t know why, but it just is.

Back to working. Think I am going to go to 1pm Stats.


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