Mentally Comatose from Baby Mama Drama Overdose, Gotta Get My Life Back Like Vamanos

February 25, 2008

I think the title sums up how I feel right now? Yup.

Also, it might win my “Longest Title Evar” award

Title is a lyric from MG! The Visionary’s “Rainwalkin'”

Too much stuff just exploded in my face all at the same time, and has my head swimming in circles. I am having horrible lucid dreams, and I can’t get a good night’s rest with them. I wonder if there’s a remedy for that?

Lots of drama and conflict right now. All at a time when I just need to get work done for the next two weeks. There are a total of six conflicts that have risen up since last Friday. Went through two of them (one of them being the biggest) today.

And I have a ton of school stuff too. I didn’t fare well on my Stats exam (60%) despite me knowing how to do everything (picky grading). A lot of it was technicality though, not many actual wrong answers. So now I have to essentially take a second exam to make up half the points I missed (for you non-math folks, that means I can get up to an 80%…) which looks like it will take a number of hours this weekend.

Typical busy as heck week this week. Next week looks so crazy I don’t want to think about it. Jill will be up here while I get the last bit of the first part of the Project Sim project wrapped up (“I” being my team and I). Lots of projects, little bits of time to fit them all in.

Main problem: Stats. I don’t have a fancy graphing calculator, and it seems like the class is a “Here’s how you punch in numbers in a TI-89 to get the answer” lecture half the time. There is some good instruction, but I just can’t get it all without a TI-89 (and there is no freakin way I’m shellin out 100 bucks for one).


Good portion of the post…

I am getting in shape and it feels great. In 3 weeks I have lost 7 pounds. I feel more muscular, and I kinda look it too. Most importantly, I just don’t feel out of shape. I feel like I’m getting closer to what I should be. I’m on Traineo and that is keeping me logged and motivated.

Basically, I’m just doing 30-45 minutes of hard Tae Kwon Do cardio, which really works the muscles strenuously (it’s not so much an endurance exercise like jogging/running) as well as weight training with dumbells and resistance tubing. I’m also going to try to get to the racquetball courts at least once a week for good agility-based cardio.

Jill and I are 100% working on this together, and it is so much easier with a good motivator to push you and to make you feel good about what you are doing. I have progress pictures on Flickr, but there’s not much to see in the stomach-focused photos. Right now it is mainly in the arms, calves and shoulder that there is any visible change. I’m fine with that, because I feel the muscle through the flab now, which is awesome. It’s like licking to the center of a Tootsie-pop! Except the hardness layers are reversed, and you don’t lick fat off. Hmm. That may have just been a bad analogy.

Anyway…losing weight=good. Still having a flabby layer=bad, but motivation to keep going.

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