February 29, 2008

Today, my main goal is to get out to Walmart, get passport photos taken, back to the post office and get my passport stuff all filled out and filed. I have a 3 hour window to get this done, from noon to 3pm. I also need to get my front left tire filled, as well as a few other minor errands.

EDIT: Er…I don’t have my birth certificate. Passport dealeo will have to wait it seems.

So…this weekend is super busy. Like, busy enough I might be working superlatenight Friday and Saturday just to get things done. I have to finish that points reclamation for Stats, and I have a ton of work to get rolling on for Project Sim. I got electrical take offs. All of the takeoffs should be done by Sunday evening so we can get the other “administrative” portions done Monday-Wednesday.

My mind is going “GAH!” for the most part, but there’s still that portion in me that’s saying “Hooray, it’ll be fine because Jill will be here Tuesday afternoon.”

Yup. That definitely makes me happy. 4 days and she will be here. Thank goodness.

And getting the passport is just one of a bunch of other things I need to do for the post-wedding life get-readiness. So it’s totally worth it.

Brain no worky. Shutting up now.


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