Quick update on things.

Jill came up to Houghton last Tuesday. Was super rad. Yup. Super rad. Went out to eat at fancy restaurants and cooked steak sushi and other tasty foods. Also, lost an entire day with her because of Project Sim project keeping me in the lab until 3am. That wasn’t cool, but we honestly had the best bid there.

Jill and I then left for Midland on Saturday morning. We stopped a few places and took some cool pictures (check Flickr). Daylight Savings Time¬† is cruel, so we slept in and didn’t make it to church.

This morning I got all of my passport stuff done, and at 1:30pm I finally got my car cleaned out. Went and played Smash Bros at Gamestop for 15 minutes (didn’t even pretend to be interested in buying or looking at anything else in the store). It’s pretty good, but I need to figure out the controls a bit better. Came back to Jill’s house, checked out my car for various things. Found the following wrong:

  • Brakes: warped rotors
  • Ball joint/tie rod on front left needs replaced
  • Oil: barely there, burning quite a bit, but am nearly due an oil change anyways
  • Left headlight: held on by one screw, way outta alignment
  • ¬†Windshield wiper fluid: gone
  • Power steering fluid: too much, actually. Not sure how it got so full.
  • Airbag: coded, and won’t fire if needed. Need to get that reset.

That’s pretty much it. I fixed the minor issues, but I definitely need to bring the car in to the shop for the tie rod and coded airbag. Debating doing the brakes myself again or paying the convenience fee for someone else to do them.

On the agenda for the rest of the week:

  • Apartment shopping. Picking out the one for us this week hopefully.
  • Meeting with Adecco about my job; getting paperwork and drug testing done
  • Getting Jill’s aquarium all planted
  • Studying statistics a bit

Stats is my make or break class this semester surprisingly. Because it is at 8am, and because I am typically up until 2-3am working on projects and other class work, I rarely can wake up in time for class. That’s changing for good Monday. I am going to refuse to work after midnight.

Not passing that class would scare me to death, and already is. The grade distribution in that class is interesting (and skewed towards the 50% range) to be sure. I think if I play my cards right I can walk out with a B, but it would require me to bust chops hard. A chop bustin I will go though.

More later. Sleep now.