March 18, 2008

I MUST pass stats. I cannot not pass stats. Stats is the little mind killer…um. Spice?

AnywayI’m studying up. I am very very concerned about my stats grade and it is now my number one priority. Here’s the way the class is set up (according to the syllabus)

  • Homework: 20% of final grade
  • Exam 1: 20% of final grade
  • Exam 2: 20% of final grade
  • Exam 3: 20% of final grade
  • Project: 20% of final grade

Pretty straightforward. Unfortunately, right now I have about 20% for my homework grade, and my first exam ended up at a 60% (depending on the regrade, anywhere up to a 75%). I am expecting about a 90% on the project, as it is going very well. If I were to get 60% on the next two exams and not turn any homework in for the rest of the semester, I would be at a base, uncurved grade of about 57%. Unacceptable. If I were to turn in the rest of the homework and do decently on it, and still get 60% on the next two exams, I would be up to a 62%. Passing, but not where I want to be. Should I get 70% on the next two exams with homework turned in and all, I could get up to a 66% or so.

I believe the class will be curved in the end. Looking at the prof’s grades for other classes it seems there might be one. Looking at the distribution of grades for the two recorded and available online, the center of the plots is about 50%. I don’t know, it’s a stats prof, who knows what he will do with it in the end.

One saving grace I might have is a senior rule, where graduating seniors don’t have to take the final exam (getting an auto 100%). While I doubt this will occur, should he actually allow this to happen, it would be possible for me to get an uncurved, solid C. But that means I kinda have to be passing first, and it’s something I am highly skeptical of.

All those technicalities aside, I truly am devoting most of my time to this now. I kinda have to. I am not looking for a way out by not doing anything and playing cards right. I’m just kinda walking through what could happen. In order for me to pass, I must work at this 250% harder.

My other classes are going great. Heck, when you’re up until 2am every morning working on things, they tend to turn out well eh? A little concerned because my Communications project group and I don’t connect much (I’m always at class/meetings when they are trying to work on the project), but aside from that, I am enjoying my other classes.

I am actually on the edge of one of those nervous panic attacks that happen every now and then. You know the ones: the camera dolly moves in toward you while zooming out as your face goes white. Yeah, those. But I will get by and survive. Just wish Jill was out of clinicals tonight so I could fall back to her.

The fact that I’ve been layed up with the worst weather migraine I’ve ever had (it comes and goes. This weather is evil) does not help.

Wednesday is my long day. I am glad it ends in Bible study.