The title of the blog here has changed. Up until earlier today it was “Every Day I Write the Book”, a song by Elvis Costello that I believe can be found on the Wedding Singer soundtrack.

It is now Never Mind the Consequence. This is a lyric from my song “Reality” that was released with the rest of the Few No More album. The song itself is about a girl that Jill and I knew who was a close friend to both of us, but her in particular. She deceived us as to the nature of her character, and this struck hard. It was the first time I had ever seen Jill cry. Later on as she prepared to graduate high school, she told us she was sleeping with a married man from work, and believed that she could be pregnant. She went to a clinic and took a pregnancy test. The day after that she told us it was negative. She graduated about 3 weeks later. Eight months later she had a child.

“Never care for carelessness/Never mind the consequence… If you ask me now/The answer will be ‘no'”

Truth be told, the meaning of the last part to that lyric just dawned on me again. I had forgotten it, trying to blank the situation from my mind.

Never mind the consequence means more though. It means fearlessness. Never mind the consequence of a strong moral stance. Never mind the consequence of integrity. Never mind the doubters and scoffers picking your future apart.

Consequence, eh?

What is the consequence for picking up after a project team that failed to do any of the work they were supposed to do, leaving you to do it entirely? Well, hopefully a decent grade.


I have ceased working for Flock. Actually, I haven’t put in an hour since December or so. The reasoning given at the time was essentially that my work load from school was too heavy. At the moment of discussion with Mike about this, there wasn’t actually a ton of work going on. I did, however foresee a lot of work, and it indeed came. The second reason I failed to mention was taxes. Self-employment taxes suck, and with a new job starting in May I really wanted my 2008 taxes to be relatively straightforward. Call it lazy, call it simpleminded, but it’s the truth. However, it truly was classwork that killed my ability to work with the amazing folks at Flock.

The folks I worked with there were each awesome. My first point of contact was Lloyd Budd. When it came to handling users, he taught me books worth of methods and tricks. I was pushed to learn some Drupal and PHP by him (though I would be super fuzzy if asked about it now). He is now with Automattic (the WordPress folks).

Will Pate was also on board back then. The guy is charisma and marketing and a puppy. Truly. Can’t think of any time where a comment from Will would not be appreciated. Don’t really know what the dude is up to right now, but he’s on CommandN, and it is always a good source of tech tidbits.

Mike Dosik was the guy to report to after Lloyd left for Automattic. Coming back from class and checking the scrollback from him was always good for a laugh or five. When he’s not kneecapping professors, he’s got a great big group of QA folks he somehow manages to wrangle up and set to task. That’s what really impresses me the most.

My last main point of contact was Evan Hamilton. Community Ambassador for Flock, he always was approachable and, as with Mike, up for a good kneecappin party. He does community ambassador stuff, which I’m sure is a lot more that it sounds like on top (or maybe not, depends on who you are I guess). Essentially representing Flock in everything public, which is pretty cool. Also, he’s in a band, which puts him in that fellowship of bandmates category.


Consequences. I have to live with the fact that I am doing poorly in stats, but I can also take matters in to my hands and work hard and meet with the professor to ensure that I pass. I have to face the consequences of plenty of actions daily.

Never mind the consequence. Never mind the consequence of writing what you believe and feel for all to read.