Head Games

March 25, 2008

I hate migraines. I’ve had them since I lived in Texas, but just thought of them as bad sinus headaches. Only this year did I discover that they were really migraines after having one that led me to vomiting. That had never happened before. Nor have I ever have a migraine that lasted three days until last week.

I’m up to about three or four migraines a month. I don’t know if this is caused by some external trigger or an internal trigger. External triggers that I can list would be stresses from¬† school and the wedding and all, a very violent winter with very sharp changes in weather and barometric pressure, a change in diet to a “healthier” set of meals, or just messed up sleep cycles. Internal triggers are more sinister, and I can’t think of anything that would be happening to cause these.

Last week, as we got back in to Houghton after spring break my head started spinning and a migraine came on that never fully receded until Tuesday evening. It came and went as it pleased: I would wake up with a splitting migraine and after about four hours of pain I would be treated to an hour of dulled pain, and then right back in to the full headache. Today, one week later, my head has been doing the same thing. I woke up, and the pressure in my head was too much to actually wake up. It was better to be asleep and not feeling it, as is often the case when one is sick. Then around noon or so it was better for about an hour. For about two hours in the evening I was alright, and right now I’m feeling decent (though tired and achy).

What typically helps more than any medication for me is a caffeine pill. Yup. This has the distinct drawback of detracting from my ability to sleep.  Apparently (if Wikipedia is to be trusted), this can work on vascular headaches that appear to be migraines. The entire condition is quite interesting. There is little agreement on what causes them and what the best cure is, as there are tons of variants for each person.

Blegh. I need to sleep.