I have a wishlist of things I would like to get once I get settled and have a little disposable income. Here goes:

  • Flickr Pro account
  • Webspace and domain (mainly for collab music projects)
  • Xbox 360
  • Canon Rebel XT
  • A nice, used Stratocaster
  • A nice, used J-Bass
  • One SM57 microphone and one SM58 microphone
  • A HD flatpanel TV

Also, as mentioned earlier, I have done a rough recording of the first half of Ashitaka. Here it is. All punched in, and completely not ready.

Agile Suku Fishing Boat

March 30, 2008

I just rough recorded Ashitaka. It sounds alright in Audacity, but not so hot when I export it, which kinda sucks. But this is easily remedied.

That was my distraction for the day; recording an old song. And it kickstarted my mind in to writing a song or so. But not just yet. Probably tomorrow I’ll flesh it out.

I finished up about 50% of the homework I missed in stats to turn in tomorrow.  I have three sets of problems between where I left off and where we are now, and 10 sets from the beginning of the semester. The latter should go easily. I got a 67% on my stats exam last Thursday, which is the class average. I know exactly what I did wrong too after going through the homework I did this weekend.

What exactly is left for this semester?

  • Every Thursday: Project Sim deliverable due
  • April 7th (my birthday): Planning and Scheduling exam #2
  • April 7th: Stats project hypothesis tests due
  • April 8th or 15th or 22nd: Planning lab practical
  • April 17th: Stats project final report due
  • April 30th: Stats final exam at 5:30pm and possibly a Planning final exam earlier in the day?
  • May 3rd: Graduation!

There’s a lot of busywork in there too. Blegh. Goodnight all.