Minor Goals Pos-Graduation

April 1, 2008

My major goals are pretty well known. My minor goals might not be.

  • Organize all 14 gigs of photos
  • Learn to play harmonica
  • Learn to play mandolin
  • Record something weekly
  • Learn to bake bread well
  • Build an effect pedal or three
  • Volunteer more often at Open Door
  • Up my benchpress to 175lbs (at 125 now)
  • Pullups and chinups: able to do 10+ each per set
  • Release another Disillusionment album with Bakke
  • Catch a trout (I have never caught a trout, but have caught other riverdwellers) and mount it on a plaque
  • Catch a walleye
  • Breed cichlids
  • Get certified to drive at least one piece of heavy machinery (front end loader preferably)
  • Build a nice piece of furniture

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