First Round Knockout

April 9, 2008

OK, at this point, maybe 7th round knockout?

I am referring to this chest congestion that is knocking me on my knees. It’s not that it is the worst congestion I have ever had in and of itself, but rather the side symptoms that were gracious to show up make this bad. Lee has something similar, and went to the hospital where they told her it was some sort of viral thing (well, for the stomach bug, I’ll get to that)

Basically, everything is congested. Chest, head, eyes, nose (but not as much). On top of that I have what I consider a “dry” headache. The kind where moving or looking at something too fast causes you to feel like your brain is slapping your skull and the back of your eyes. “Wet” headaches, where the head is just swimming and pained, I have learned to take (they still suck). Follow that up with the upset stomach that comes and goes. Add in a few dizzy spells that had me collapse in my chair. And just for kicks, force me to go to a weight training class with all this or fail and not graduate. There is the past week for you.

It comes and goes. Yesterday didn’t fare too well. Today didn’t either. Tomorrow, well, we’ll see.

There’s some other stuff to talk about, but I truly feel it deserves a separate post that will take some stewing.

Sidenote: three weeks,  two days until graduation. Huzzah!