April 18, 2008

Heh, see what I did there with the word? Yeah, I thought so.

Been pretty productive today, out of necessity though. Not my favorite type of productivity (I prefer the self induced productivity) but it’s a good motivator.

Started out the morning late, as I was up late last night getting my stats project done. I say “my” project simply because there was no assistance from my teammates (save for a little from one of them) on this. I did the project. So I didn’t get to the stats class at 8am but rather got to the 1pm class.

Went to the undergrad expo to represent IME at our booth. Took roughly 100 pictures I believe. The enterprise just got a brand new Canon Rebel. Pretty spiffy! It uses CF cards though, which is a bit of a drawback, and might force me to go Nikon when I get my next camera (yes, it will be a DSLR!). Ganked a cookie or two from the refreshments booth as I left for stats class.

Stats class was stats class. After class, talked to the prof about a few issues I had with our data and what the remedy should be. It turned out to be an extra page worth of work in the already 9 page report. I got it done in the lab in about an hour.

Sidenote: there is a swarm of wasps living in the EERC 330 lab. Not good.

Had our project sim lab today where we went over a mock presentation for next week. Ours was rough, but then again weve been working on the actual content behind the presentation and not the presentation itself. I have some out-there ideas for marketing the fitness/rehab center we are designing , as our design is not very attractive. A few of my ideas:

  • Highlight on the fact that the exam rooms are outfitted with full communication setups. including the Vista nursing system to allow for smooth integration between the center and local clinics and hospitals running the same system.
  • Our exterior is bland. Very bland. To compensate for a lack of features (read windows), our front wall will feature a large, permanent mural created by community artists. This will be in the theme of similar murals on the Houghton riverwalk, but be more exercise-centric
  • We will be using local materials, including using masonry units from Superior Block, just 3 miles from the site in Houghton.

It’s not that bad really. Just have to devote some time to it.

After project sim I came back and cooked two awesome bacon-swiss-BBQ-pickle loaded-herb infused burgers.

Watched The Office and Scrubs tonight. Decent episodes, both of them. Though tonight’s Office totally sets up for an amazing one next week.

Wrote up some financial analysis of a proposed construction project for my Sci Comm class report. Really easy stuff, just had to track the MTU financial reports down. They always seem to elude me when I really need them, and I can’t find them with regular search terms.

More posts soon.


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