Graduation Checklist

April 20, 2008

Again, mainly for me, but you might be interested. I can’t believe I only have one week of class and one exam left until I am done with college! That went so fast!

Major due dates:

  • Pick up commencement tickets – Monday 8:30am-4:30pm sometime
  • Suretrak lab practical for Planning/Scheduling – Tuesday 1:00pm
  • Project Sim final 30m presentation – Wednesday 3:00pm
  • Comm parking problem presentation – Wednesday or Friday 11:00am
  • Project Sim design-bid package due – Friday 3:00pm
  • Planning/Scheduling extra credit – Friday sometime?
  • Stats final exam – Wednesday, April 30 5:30pm (Dow 641)
  • Pick up cap and gown – Monday, April 28 8:00am
  • Pick up extra commencement ticket for Jill – Friday, May 2 8:00am

There is a lot to do to get all of those items complete and ready for their due dates. I am heading out here in about an hour to get some more stuff done for project sim (the main killer this week). Not included in this list is the homework I have for stats.

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