Transitions: I has them.

Been quiet lately, I know. I’ll pick up writing (as in, writing, not just life status updates) soon. For now, let me fill you in on what has been going on here.

Jill and I are together (proximity-wise) once more. It is an odd feeling to be close to her constantly, and not one bit bad. I can comfort her when she needs it, and her smile no longer appears to me as this: 🙂

It’s a bit jarring getting used to a regular relationship once more after a four year long long term relationship. It seems out of the ordinary. We have joked that we should just not see each other at all for the next two months just to make it seem normal again (NOT gonna do that). But I feel extremely close to her right now, and our love is maturing and evolving in a way that I don’t believe we have ever had the chance to permit.

Work with Hemlock Semiconductor has also started. I am known as an “intern” but I have some (limited) roles I am expected to fill. I have yet to flesh out these roles, but already I feel as if my schooling was not in vain. I have noticed several times areas in which had I not taken a specific course and learned about something (RFI’s or the basics of contract administration, etc) that I would be in the dark asking dumb questions. The area this stands out to me the most in is the scheduling duties I am asked to fill. The company might want me to go to a training seminar for the scheduling software I am supposed to master, but, with package-specific features aside, I know how a lot of the main scheduling software works (by NO means am I saying I cannot benefit from training. I readily welcome it because I really NEED to be GOOD at what I do).

There’s more to it than that, but I want to just hit on a few more things before I hit the hay.

Jill and I are getting involved in the youth leadership at Sunrise Baptist Church. It is a delight to be back there, and just being there for one night makes me remember why I went. It was a time to have fun and grow quite a bit spiritually. It kept me grounded. Now we are back as “products” of the youth group. There are a lot of awesome activities planned (they did a Ninja Warrior course [replicated the real one!] among other things [The Amazing Race, Michigan edition]), and this weekend I get to be a part of planning more summer and fall goals.

In a total love daze right now. “Love daze” is a term Jill coined when we were both just so absolutely content with our relationship that just being together doing absolutely nothing in a boring room made us happy. Add in Iron & Wine, and it’s pretty much the best feeling ever. There is no real reason for this love daze, other than the change of mentality I have put in to our relationship. It’s good, and maturing daily.

I miss jill right now, even though I left her less than an hour ago. It’s so odd.