Still getting used to work, graduated life, and living close to Jill again. It’s a groove, and I’m falling in pretty well. Don’t want to call it a rut yet, because it ‘s enjoyable. Jill plays a big part in keeping it that way. I do need to get in touch with more friends around here though. Sean Sullivan moves in tomorrow, starts work at Delphi sometime later on. I’ll help him get set up at his place, and then this weekend I’m having folks over to my place for a BBQ/apartment-warming party-ish event. I’m not a “party” person, more a “get together” person.

Marriage counseling with Pastor Mike is going great, and I actually look forward to it every week. It really opens up communication between Jill and I, and quite a bit of good has come from that.

Bought the basics of a kitchen full of groceries today. All the basic cooking needs, including sugars (white, powdered, brown), flour, bread, lunch meats, oranges, some frozen meals from Stouffers, milk, and a variety of other things. Cost me a pretty penny, but it’s a base to start on and I can just stock up smaller from now on.

One of the things I highly suggest for folks looking to get married is to set up a joint financial account before you get married. Get used to working with money together. Set up a budget and then try to stick to it. Use online banking and spreadsheets to track spending and make sure you communicate between each other to get everything recorded properly. It is working for us right now, and hopefully we can keep it up.

This abbreviated week looks pretty normal. Work as usual, 7am-3:30pm each day. Wednesday I am going to help move in Sean, and Thursday is a date night for Jill and I (as well as my payday, conveniently enough). Tomorrow is a cleaning day, and I will be hitting up the gym as well. Gotta get rid of all the boxes in the dining room and get stuff set up in the rec room/music room/study room/computer room. Workout schedule is rough, but essentially is as follows:

  • Monday: Cardio, arms, abs, chest
  • Tuesday: Heavy cardio, abs
  • Wednesday: Cardio, arms, abs, chest
  • Thursday: Cardio, legs, back, abs
  • Friday: Cardio, arms, abs, chest
  • Saturday: Heavy cardio, free day to work any muscle group not sore

I like working out with Jill. It’s nice to have her with me pushing me. However, she doesn’t take too well to my pushing her just yet. Gonna have to get used to it, that’s for sure.

Youth Leader retreat writeup coming.