I Has a Music

June 18, 2008

I Has a Music, originally uploaded by danakin.

ToDo – Tomorrow

June 10, 2008

First things first, gotta get to bed soon so tomorrow can be productive.

Another ten hour shift tomorrow, followed be me driving my car directly to a shop and getting new rear tires put on (right rear is badly worn, unevenly at that, and causing an awful vibration). Afterwards, cleaning up the apartment a bit more, organizing a bit more, and working on the aquarium a bit more (the aquarium is the one I gave Jill, it now resides at our apartment on the end table. Needs some work though)

Got to make my way to the shop to get Lew and Jess’ wedding presents, and clean out my car as well.

Sleep? PLEASE.

ToDo – 6/7/08

June 7, 2008

Happening today:

Jill is gone for the day to be at her cousin’s graduation party. While she is gone, I’m going to knock off a few tasks on my list.

  • Take tux for Lew’s wedding [next week] in to get the button fixed
  • Pick up a few fans to keep the apartment cool
  • Pick up a bookshelf
  • Put aforementioned fans and shelves together
  • Clean up apartment (picking up, vacuuming, dishes, etc)
  • Do laundry
  • Burn CD for wedding for DJ
  • Swim to cool myself down. Blazin here without A/C