Long Overdue Updates

October 18, 2008

Being married is a strange thing. Jill and I have been married for two and a half months, and it’s been great. We just have so much going on between her school and my work that sometimes we don’t get to spend good time with each other as much as we want to. But we are managing.

Things that have happened in the past 4ish months:

  • My buddies Lew and Jess got married
  • Jill and I got married
  • We spent a lot of time cleaning up our apartment, and it still isn’t clean really
  • Red Wings won the Stanley Cup
  • Jill started her final semester of nursing school. She graduates in mid-December, and then takes the NCLEX exam a little while later to become certified as an RN.
  • Jill is now playing guitar at church for services every couple of weeks
  • I am playing bass for an alternative service we are working on getting started
  • Jill and I now have a new Nikon D40 with which I have been taking pictures. I even work with some of them on Photoshop to edit them to look better. Who knew editing will help?
  • My job rocks. There are periods of time where I feel I have nothing to do, followed by periods of time where I am panicking that there is not enough time to complete everything.
  • I have been using Twitter as a microblog mostly. You can find most everything that has happened there.
  • Jill and I got a kitten named Smoky. Today Smoky lived up to his name and burned off some of his whiskers when he got too curious about the candles.

There’s more I can get in to, but later, okay? Good.

Still Alive

October 17, 2008

I am still alive. And now married. Full post TOMORROW. Finally. I love you all.