July 2006:

Various Artists – Freaked

DCTalk was an awesome band. Take their (arguably) best album, and let the Gotee Records dudes go to town, and you end up with Freaked. There are a few stand out tracks (“So Help Me God” and Relient K’s remake of “Between You And Me”) and the album follows the same ideas as the original. However, every version of “Jesus Freak” let me down. Sad. Still, that is no reason not to give this album a listen or two.

Trace Bundy – Adapt

OK, I’ll admit, I’m reccomending an album I haven’t even listened to in depth. But the man is a great guitarist, and if his Capo Stew is any indication, the dude knows his was around the frets.

David Crowder – Praise Habit

Finding God in Sunsets and Sushi. An odd subtitle, but fitting. Going through the book, Crowder takes you through the routines of our lives, and points out that we should be thankful for everything. The woman at Starbucks messed up your coffee? That’s great, show her mercy, and let God’s love show through. A relative dies, and you feel so alone. But God is there with you. God is everywhere, and there’s no reason not to find him in the odd, tough, happy, relentless, horrible, amazing, frustrating, beautiful things.
June 2006:

The Decemberists – Picaresque

A perfect fusion of the Decemberists’ earlier records Her Majesty and Castaways and Cutouts, Picaresque finds the worlds most literate indie-rock group solidifying its craft and even rocking out a little bit (!). Do you like songs about whales and pirates? Then this album is for you! [Stolen from the Questionable Content RL]

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Stadium Arcadium

I’m still not sure what to think of this album. I like it. But for some reason I keep going back to By The Way and comparing the two albums site by side. In any case, this album shows that RHCP continues to evolve musically. But man, “Dani California” sure is addictive…

Elvis Costello – When I Was Cruel

If you have not heard any of Costello’s work, why are you still here? Go out and buy this album right now! It doesn’t matter what your musical preferences are, Elvis Costello will find your tastes and offer you something sure to please. The first track, “.45” is a catchy poppy song. Typically the type of stuff I’d shy away from. But when you begin to hear the subtleties in the arrangements, and then realize that the songwriting is in the style of Dylan, you begin to let yourself enjoy this. Follow up the opener with some sweet scatlike vox on “Spooky Girlfriend” and some sampled 1960’s Italian pop grooves on the title track, and you have one killer album.

David Crowder Band – A Collision

Worship artists are either good or they are trying too hard. The good ones are sincere, and A Collision is about as sincere as it gets, musically and lyrically. “I Saw The Light” is a suprising departure from the bearded one’s sound, and the message is loud and clear.


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