I have fish in my aquarium. A lot of them. I have a ridiculous amount of guppy fry, up to 30 or so. They are gonna have to either get a new home or get eaten or I’m gonna run out of tank for them. And to think that I was a bit worried the fish were going to die over break. Ha!

I redid my tank Saturday night. I ended up with Flourite Original as the substrate because I simply couldn’t find any Eco-Complete at the store and I couldn’t justify paying for shipping on a 20lb bag. When they tell you to rinse the Flourite thoroughly, they aren’t kidding. The tank was cloudy for two days, and it is getting closer to clarity.

My plants are few at the moment. I have a three amazon sword plants (Echinodorus amazonicus) and one Borneo Fern (Trichomanes Javanicum). T. Javanicum is sold at Petsmart in a tube thing with some jelly substance that apparently acts as nutrients and water. Top Fin puts these out and they are decent deals if you don’t know what you are looking at. But there’s a catch…

Trichomanes Javanicum is a terrestrial plant. Not aquatic. It can be used in the terrarium, but in a submersed state it will die after several months. And Top Fin assumes that you don’t know that. Sure, it will live underwater for a decent amount of time, but it WILL die and it WILL pollute your tank as it does. T. Javanicum isn’t the only plant Top Fin sells as aquatic that is terrestrial. If you haven’t heard of the plant before as an aquatic plant, don’t buy it. If it looks like a house plant, don’t buy it.

So what I am left with is three amazon swords that will grow in after a while and one useless fern that will eventually die because Top Fin lied about its use.

I will get my money back though. Implied Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose. It is super simple law. Top Fin, in selling this plant as an aquatic plant, imposed an implied warranty that it would be suitable as a plant for an aquarium. It is not, and therefore I should be able to collect on this. I want at least a refund of my money. I’m not a hugely confrontational guy, and I would rather not get in to this at all, but I am a huge aquarium guy, and so I’ll make an exception for this.

So I have my substrate set up, and I have some plants in there. The lighting is remaining as is for now (at 15 watts, 1.5 WPG), and the filter will remain as well, though I have a plan for a DIY canister filter I will be making in a while. Up next is DIY CO2, which I should get up tonight or tomorrow.