December 21, 2007

I’ve been going through samples of various sound effects. There’s this song that Matt McConnell roughed out with me a long time ago, and it never really was anything. There are a few words to it:

Ruin and smoke, firelight dreams
Things I almost remember
And a song someone sings,
once upon a december

Bombshell drop, explosion rings
Here is my homeland and I will stay
will you still be here with me?
When morning breaks, on new year’s day

Once upon a new years day… Blood and tears
Fire and Steel
Wrapped around my finger
For deep blue eyes
I know what I’m fighting for

Running now
Through your arms
Bound before my presence
Swords may clash
I may die
But death can’t ever part us

Blood and tears
Sweat and Smoke 
In rubble we will make our games of hide and seek, and you may give your heart to me
There is love in my hands and love in my strings
There is love in my heart to conquer all things
There is love in your eyes, when you look at me
A rose for my love, my hope, my starlit sky
I play for you under moon and trees, resting in shadows and cold, dead leaves
Once upon a New Year's day  Ruin and smoke, firelight dreams… Bombshell drop, explosion rings
Things I almost remember…here is my homeland, and I will stay
And a song somone sings… will you still be here with me?
Once upon a December
I play for you under moon and trees,
resting in shadow and cold, dead leaves
If you hear this song, remember me
Once Upon a New Year’s day
Once Upon a New Year’s day

So that’s that. It was originally called something like Watashi Wa, which doesn’t seem to fit the song too well. I want to rename it to Once Upon A December. I have great ideas for this song (which clocks in at something like 10 minutes the first and only time we roughed it out), and I really want to get it perfected and recorded.

I have a good plan for the song, I just need to remember the way the song goes. I can hear it in my head, I just can’t get it figured out on the guitar. This is one of those songs where the lyrics and music collide and mix with ambient effects (and not so ambient effects) to tell the full story.

Also, check this out:

*Mark Wampfler contemplates the remake of Ashitaka.* This song is an entity that you can only see portions of at a time. It lives in the sky, and despite the recurring attempts of several individuals known as "the few no more" to bring it to the ground (corporeal realm,) he continues to elude us. Its probably because if fate were altered in this way, tfnm would already be famous and the group would be in some other form than the one it is given now. The Adagio for Life and Love aka Ashitaka's song has yet to be set in record, thusly, the global eardrum has yet to be shaken from its unrockability, TFNM still fumbles through life as a modularized dragon burning armies and guarding treasure on both sides of the Cont. Us., and I don't have no contract with which to cash in on!

Life is growing old and learning to love the memories you hate because then will never be now again. Thats one of the things I tell myself to get up each new old day. But I also tell myself that I shall, AND MUST one day contribute the the recording of a song that brings joy to many. I firmly believe that song is about ashitaka.

-I miss being part of something like this, and I always will.

Same here. I so badly want to record this. This is my goal. I want Ashitaka to be recorded the way we had it going in the end. It was such an amazingly beautiful song. I will get Bakke in on this and hopefully we can get this recorded during our free time. I have to get a guitar in to the “Sacrificial Lamb” tuning we developed for this song, but that is fine by me. And we have to remember how the song went.

I agree fully with Mark, I miss being a part of a band like we were. Those were the best times I have ever had.

The Few No More kinda lives on here.

TFNM music can be obtained here. My personal favorites are Winter, Crushed, and Anything But Blue. Reality is my baby, but my guitar would not stay in tune for me to record that sucker all the way through, so there are some issues I am not fully pleased with, but Meg’s violin saves the day.