Web 3.0

July 21, 2006

I don’t want to be a part of the web 2.0 revolution. Screw 2.0 I want Web 3.0. The internet that is sharable. A social internet. Think Myspace meets (among better design) AIM, meets Skype, meets XBox Live, meets Flickr, meets Youtube, meets Digg, meets Flock.

With a twist.

Lew found this, for lack of a better term, thing, called Browser For Two. I won’t lie, it looks ugly. It’s based on IE, and it isn’t free. However, it has one feature that puts it in it’s own category; it is social browsing embodied.

Think of it this way, say you want to show a buddy some sites you like. How do you do it now? You go to the site, copy the URL, open up an IM conversation with the person, and then paste and send the link.

What would TRUE social browsing be like? How could it be implemented? Imagine this: You are browsing some sites, and you decide that John Q should check out all the tabs you have open. So you go into your browser’s friend list, and you see John Q is online. You set an option, “Share my browsing session with this user” and John Q gets pinged with a notice that you want to surf the web with him. He accepts, and all of your open tabs are opened up on his computer. As you navigate to other pages, it is mirrored on John Q’s machine.

This is a programmers nightmare, I’m sure. NetMeeting meets Flock. Ridiculous security issues to take into account. But it would, quite literally, change the way people use the internet. It would keep folks like me busy filing and testing bugs for hours on end, but you have to admit, it would be revolutionary.

What brings all this up? Gandalf. Not the wizard, but Zbigniew Braniecki, head localization (translation) guru for Flock. In his latest blog post he writes:

So, let me just give you a tips, we’re working on idea of what we call People. We want you to be able to see your friends activity, no matter where. To be able to open a tab and see your friend photo, last blog posts, pictures, IM conversations, emails. Imagine so way more powerful vCard, live updating with recent signals of activity, and last bits of communication with you both. We want to extend our favorites manager, so you can spend less time on managing your data, and be able to find what you need with minimum effort.

stream of thoughts » Next Flock

There will be some massive steps foward with Flock in the coming months, I believe. It’s important not to overhype or overpromise anything at this point. But man, the future is coming, and it looks nifty!

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This is a test

July 17, 2006

Testing 123,

The web browser for you and your friends.

Flock is a free web browser that makes it easier than ever to share photos, stay up-to-date with news from your favorite sites, and search the Web. Take our tour to learn what’s different about Flock, then download the beta to get started – and please tell us what you think.

Flock — The web browser for you and your friends

I should probably remember what my Flock testing blog is, and to configure it…

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Cerebral Palsy

June 21, 2006

flock has the capacity to empower

This made my day, although there were some situations that have been touching our family that are getting harder to cope with every day. I’ll explain tomorrow, if I can find the words…

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Flock .7.1 Test

June 20, 2006

I am testing the 0.7.1 release of Flock. There are some neat features that have been improved, and a few blocker bugs have been figured out, which means you can use Avast and Flock together.




Picture Below of the Wootbar Mockup:

Test of the web snippets:

A source close to Microsoft has revealed that the Xbox 360 hardware team are now busy redesigning the chips supplied by ATI and IBM to cut costs and allow a price drop to coincide with the release of Sony’s Playstation 3. According to the source consumers can expect a price drop of almost $100.

Xbox 360 Price Drop This Xmas

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June 20, 2006

Bakke and I have a project. Woot. No, really. We are writing a Woot notifier extension for Flock. It’s not too hard really. I’ve got the install.rdf file almost finished, and tomorrow I’m going to rip open a few extensions to see how they read some data. Then it’s simply a matter of implementing this.

The first point of conflict Bakke and I run in to is that I would like to see this as a topbar, where he would not. We have yet to determine a final implementation.

Second hurdle to jump is determining what we want the extension to do. We know the basics, the extension notifies the user of the item and price of the item featured on woot.com at 12am CST. The question is, should it do more than that? Just the notification isn’t that hard. It’s just a matter of reading a little bit of data from the site and then having it pop up. But what about woot-offs? Should there be an interface for that? I would like to see, during a woot off, the item sellout bar on the browser somewhere, and have it update every minute. I would also like to see an interface for the I Want One button, so you can just click it and go directly to the purchase page. This would give users a huge advantage over those who just load the page from woot.com. At least, that is the goal.

Anyway, that’s going to be fun. I’ll put up a mock up tonight on Flickr.

Night to all…

Digg! Zing!

June 13, 2006

Flock Launches Public Beta

Go ahead and Digg this story please. And while you are at it, download Flock and give it a whirl!

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Flesh of my Flesh

June 10, 2006

We have guests. One of the families in our church was displaced by hurricane Katrina, and they liked the suburbs of Chicago so much that they moved here. However, their stuff didn’t exactly come with them.

Meet the Flesh children. Ken Flesh is the one I’ve gotten to know the most. He’s pretty cool, and he reminds me a lot of Zachary Collins. We’ve been playing Mario Strikers after I get off work, and while I am working I show him how Flock works, what extensions are, and just how some stuff works in general. It’s pretty cool. He, along with his sisters Karen and Rebbecca, really enjoys my iPod. I’ve never seen the battery life go down so fast on it, they just play with all the features and stuff. I haven’t really gotten to know his sisters, who are 13 and 10, I think. I actually don’t know any of their ages, but Ken is definitely the most mature.

Work has been keeping me busy. I’m getting used to all the things they are having me do. Lloyd looks for quality responses to support questions, so it can take up to an hour to draft one (determine the problem, look up bugs/file a bug, write response, edit it, bounce it off Lloyd, edit it, etc) , whereas if I wasn’t officially working and was just responding, it might only take me ten minutes (maybe it’s this, I think there’s a bug in the system on it, post). I am definitely getting faster at it though, which is something I am working on very hard. And even though I’ve taken courses like Revisions, all of this is teaching me to become a better writer (formally, you’re not going to see too much improvement here for a while 🙂 ). All of these little tips and tricks that make responding to people more effective.

One big issue that has been raised is that Avast blocks some features of Flock, most notably the photobar. I have no clue why this is, and I would like to tinker a little bit and see what makes the photobar request photos differently than just browsing to the person’s stream. I could probably just ask the developers and save myself a lot of time. Anyway, I spent a good part of today just figuring out what part of Avast was actually blocking the photobar. Turns out it was the Web Shield, which is essentially a firewall (standard shield is technically the firewall).

It is now raining in Naperville.

Windows Wireless Manager has been ticking me off. Well, that’s not entirely true, but it is part of the problem. It seems that WWM doesn’t know how to handle a range extender. As a result, I will connect to the router, and WWM will immediately switch to the extender downstairs. I switched to D-Link’s manager, and it works a little better. I get much fewer disconnects with it, but I still get disconnects. My laptop stays connected and on just fine though, running Xubuntu.

I am really impressed with Ubuntu Dapper Drake, I cannot emphasize this more. I could teach Jill how to use it even (maybe). I have only encountered one problem, and it is probably just my inexperience with Linux that keeps me from figuring this one out. The drivers for my video card are in a package called Linux Restricted Modules. I can install the graphics drivers perfectly, but the package comes with madwifi and some other stuff that screws up my wireless connection. Gotta figure out how to get rid of those, but keep the ATI drivers. Then I am golden. That’s right, Daniel Lackey = Au. Really. No, not really.

The World Cup started today. Oh, you didn’t realize? You live in America? Shame. Germany whooped Costa Rica, 4-2, but Costa Rica went down smiling. They were happy to get the two goals. And then, in quite a shock to me, Poland lost to Ecuador. I don’t know about either team really, but I would have thought that Poland would win.

Didn’t see either game live, sadly. Luckily, we have Tivo. Our neighbors are taking the MONTH off of work to watch the matches. I feel that is ridiculous. Insanely devoted, but ridiculous. I’ll pull for my country, out of necessity, but I’m not expecting America to go far. It’s like expecting Kenya to beat Canada in hockey; it ain’t gonna happen.

I don’t get why America isn’t big in to soccer really. MLS games have pitiful attendance. I bet if you asked people on the street, 3/10 wouldn’t know what the World Cup is, and 5/10 wouldn’t know we had a team competing in it. Kinda sad really. Don’t get me wrong, youth soccer is pretty big in the south, and also in Michigan. Not sure about here in Illinois. But we just don’t have a national passion for the sport the way we do for football (I could post about the Lions, and all of the moves that they are making, but that might be a bit long).

My pick for winning it: Brazil. The team just looks solid. I have always pulled for them, even when I was really young and had no clue what significance the World Cup held, and I’ll stick to pulling for them. A few people were predicting a Germany v Brazil final in the Flock IRC  and in other conversations today. That would be an amazing match.

Go watch the Muppet Movie. Seriously, it’s out on DVD now. Go out and pick up a copy, watch it, and just feel happy.

Life is a movie, write your own ending
Keep believing, keep pretending

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