December 23, 2007

Call me immature, but I have an infatuation for the first series of Pokemon stuff. The original games were so out of the box that they are some of (if not the number one definitely the number one) best selling games of all time. It’s all about fun and grinding and getting that one stubborn Pokemon caught so you can complete your collection. The games were just magnificent. I have been stuck to FireRed (basically a remake of the original Red) all this break.

Not only that, but the first season of the Pokemon TV show was actually pretty good. Immediately you were emotionally attached to Ash and his Pikachu, and you actually wanted him to become a master of his craft. Funnily enough, after a few seasons the tagline “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” was dropped, because there was now way he was going to catch all of the Pokemon in the expanding realm of the series. I think he only ends up catching 53 total, and releases a good number of them.

Anyways, now I’m on the hunt for an original Game Boy and the first two original games. I never owned them. It’s that one Christmas present you always ask for but never got. For me it was a Game Boy and Pokemon Blue. I ended up playing Bakke’s copy, or borrowing the game and Game Boy from a guy named John Holden. That’s how I remember the game. Never having my own copy, but playing every chance I got.

So, I think I just lost any cool credibility about anything with this post, but I don’t really care. We all have our dark, guilty pleasures, mine happens to be a cult kiddy game named Pokemon.

Well, Whaddya Know?

July 13, 2006

Nintendo announces headphone VoIP set for DS –

Just last night I mused that it would be usefull if the DS had VOIP capabilities. Headed over to Digg, and whaddya know? This sotry pops up. Yippee. Although this isnt like Skype, but it is still cool.

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Troll Farming

May 27, 2006

Spent most of today hanging out around the house. Ate at Heaven on Seven, which is an amazing Cajun restaurant, (in need of some website remodeling) with my family. Took a while for the food to get cooked and all, but it was worth it. Took a look around downtown Naperville, than ran home. Well, running isn’t really what I should call it. Jogging maybe. I’m in terrible shape when it comes to running, but I do have several things that made it even harder today (just ate gumbo and catfish, wearing jeans, and it was really muggy out).

Got to the house, lounged, bought gasoline for my car and the lawnmower (40 bucks down the tube, into a tank), and cut the grass. As usual, since there’s not much for me to do, other than fix stuff and sleep, I played some Guild Wars. Tried out a Troll Farming build, which is really fun, and really easy. For you NB folks who visit, here you go:

Warrior/Monk (stats are with runes)

  • Healing Prayers: 9
  • Strength: 9
  • Axe Mastery: 10
  • Tactics: 12


  • Cyclone Axe
  • Gladiator’s Defense [E]
  • Bonetti’s Defense
  • Shield Stance
  • Live Vicariously
  • Vigorous Spirit
  • Balthazar’s Sprit
  • Disciplined Stance

See if you can figure out how this build works. It’s not that hard.

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I've been looking at the leaked Windows Media Player 11, and it looks good. Completely redone a la iTunes. Except darker, and cooler looking. It has gone through quite a bit of an overhaul visually, but the player essentially remains the same. The first thing you notice when opening WMP11 is the clustered visual style. It's quite nice, really, but if you have a large media collection like mine (over 10k songs) then it can be a bit frustrating. Still, it's a lot better than 10 where there was no visual categorization. Luckily, the search has gotten much better, with letter by letter results (think they would've done this by now). So if you type "A" it filters down to all media with an "a" in it, and then if you hit "B" it filters to all media with "ab" in it, etc.

Apple famboys are going to claim copycat for the visual style, but the differences between the two are pretty clear. iTunes is made for audio, no doubt about it. It is not a good video player. WMP11 can handle both with ease.

The one downside to WMP11 is that as of now, and apparently at release, there is no RSS support built in (though I stumbled upon a plug-in that gave that functionality).

Overall, WMP11 is a HUGE upgrade from 10. There is a leaked copy on the internet, and I'm sure if you looked hard enough you might find it. I think there is a torrent with something like 4000 seeders right now. That's probably gonna get shut down soon. Or not. Microsoft isn't really too concerned with this leak as I hear it. Probably a pretty good publicity thing. 

Oh, and Skype just announced that SkypeOut is now free until the end of the year. So everyone should go download Skype. It's a pretty sweet VOIP program.

On the subject of Guild Wars, I am down to three elite skills I need to capture before I have all the Warrior skills unlocked for one guy. I'm on the final mission in Prophecies (Hell's Precipice) and that is where I can cap one of the skills (Eviscerate). The other two (Earthshaker and Flourish) are going to be a little harder to get, as they are in places with tons of difficult enemies.  

Once Again

May 11, 2006

Played around on the computer all day. Probably because there was nobody else to hang out with… Come on guys! Where are you?

Anyone want to go to the race with me on Friday?

Da Skills…

May 10, 2006

Been playing Guild Wars: Factions all day today. Because I can. Got all of my Warrior skills for the most part, and only have a few elite skills to go before I have everything unlocked for the class. What I still need:

  1. Backbreaker (unlocked, but not for main character)
  2. Bulls Charge
  3. Cleave
  4. Coward
  5. Dwarven Battle Stance
  6. Devastating Hammer (unlocked, but not for main character)
  7. Earthshaker
  8. Eviscerate (unlocked, but not for main character)
  9. Flourish (unlocked, but not for main character)
  10. Primal Rage
  11. Shove
  12. Skull Crack (unlocked, but not for main character)
  13. Whirling Axe

Once I have those, I will have gotten every single Warrior skill in the game. Next step is to unlock monk skills. This means a ton more gold, and many more skill points.

I like the Wii. So much.
Retro controller, coming at ya!

Retro Controller for the Nintendo Wii