Exhausted In Da Brains

December 13, 2007

My mind really needed a break today. I got up early, went to classes, studied for exams, took an 80 question quiz, and took the Equipment Management final (which I’m not certain about, it seemed to go too fast for that professor’s typical exams, tripped me up there). Then, when I got home I started in on my Structures final exam (it’s take-home, due Friday in class). I’ve got half a question left and I have to do a technical/engineering drawing for another question. By the time I got to the question yet unfinished, my mind felt like it was trying to set a hulahoop record or something.

But, my mind is at ease to some extent. I know that my last two exams I must take next week are cake (ah snap, now I’m hungry) compared to the ones I took today. This leaves me with only the structures design project, which I haven’t touched for more than 24 hours. Figuring that taking a break from it would help me clear my mind and reset it for when I dove back in to the project.

Today (being Thursday) I’m gonna wake up around 11:30am, go to my IME meeting, and then wrap up my Structures exam. A quick hour long break or so after that to center my brain again and I’ll be working on getting the steel portion complete on the truss project. If I feel super ambitious, I’ll get the entire thing wrapped up. And if I get the entire thing wrapped up, there will be drinking. I wouldn’t mind a few pints of some KBC or Library beer after I get this finished.

Oh yeah, back to my main point which I never really outlined…

To kick back tonight, Solo and I played the original Gran Turismo. I love that game. The soundtrack is brilliant (though a bit lacking in selection) and though it isn’t really a “Real Driving Simulator” it is one of the most fun driving games. I own it somewhere, but it has possibly been stolen in the dorms or lost in the move to Chicago or KC. My goal is to find it over break.

It really goes to show that I play my old games on my PS1 and my GameCube and SNES (emulator, but I REALLY want to get one again. Donated our old one to an orphanage) more than my other systems (though I think I’m going to play the crap out of Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros. Brawl when I get them someday). Heck, I’m still playing the original Pokemon games on my DS (the FireRed version for GBA, but it is Gen I Red) and I find those games to be some of the most creative games ever.

Too much thought and effort is given to complexity, to “next generation graphics.” Screw that. Give me games like Super Mario World. Games like Crash Bandicoot. Games like the original Tomb Raider. Pokemon, Donkey Kong Country, Sim City, Heroes of Might and Magic II, Sonic 2. These games were amazingly deep because of their simplicity. It is a counterintuitive idea that simplicity is complexity, but it is absolutely true. I don’t want superior graphics, I want superior enjoyment, something that the current systems don’t offer in copious amounts like the older systems.

I suppose I’ll end my rant and head to bed. There’s some formula racing on, and I know I can fall asleep to that (Formula Atlantic? Really? Is that what Speed Channel is reduced to? Oh well, better than Unique Whips or whatever. This is actual racing).