I love Ryan Adams’ music. It’s great stuff, truly.

But that mind of his does spawn some interesting stuff. In 2006 he released about 18 albums worth of work in various genres including metal, punk and hip hop. Very trippy stuff. But also pretty good listening for halloweenheads. You can’t find it many places 100% legally, but it does float around the torrent world.

Here are his pseudonyms and a little description of the type of music. Hit the links to see the torrents.

DJ Reggie: DJ Reggie is one of Ryan Adams pseudonyms under which he records mostly rap & hip-hop songs. In 2006 he put 7 DJ Reggie records on his website:

A Reginald Gangsta
1980 x 1,000
Holla Dayz Inn
Snapz the Clown
East Side Story

Sad Dracula: Sad Dracula is some of Ryan’s neat rock stuff. Kinda interesting. Some has a 70’s rock vibe to it, kinda influenced by the Doors maybe? Of all the sub-bands, Sad Dracula is my favorite. If you like the harder RA, this is good for your ears.

Warren Peace: Some more rocking RA. I am a fan of Fire and Ice. Good stuff. Kinda like Enemy Fire, but with more rock.

Werewolph: Holy messed up. It’s superheavymetal/thrash. And I think the entire album can be played in under 3 minutes. Crossing Foggy Mtns is the best (most coherent) song, though there is a cover of Creed’s “Higher”.

The Shit: Haven’t heard any of this one, so can’t say how it is. But it should be an interesting listen. Albums released:

This Is Shit
…Hits The Fan
General Ulysses S. Hospital
Hillbilly Joel
Slef Portrait
Christmas Apocalypse (Part 2)
Holy Shit!
The Movie


So give them a listen. It’s interesting stuff, as I said, but it just makes you want to go out and buy Heartbreaker and Gold again. And then all of his other stuff.


December 21, 2007

I’ve been going through samples of various sound effects. There’s this song that Matt McConnell roughed out with me a long time ago, and it never really was anything. There are a few words to it:

Ruin and smoke, firelight dreams
Things I almost remember
And a song someone sings,
once upon a december

Bombshell drop, explosion rings
Here is my homeland and I will stay
will you still be here with me?
When morning breaks, on new year’s day

Once upon a new years day… Blood and tears
Fire and Steel
Wrapped around my finger
For deep blue eyes
I know what I’m fighting for

Running now
Through your arms
Bound before my presence
Swords may clash
I may die
But death can’t ever part us

Blood and tears
Sweat and Smoke 
In rubble we will make our games of hide and seek, and you may give your heart to me
There is love in my hands and love in my strings
There is love in my heart to conquer all things
There is love in your eyes, when you look at me
A rose for my love, my hope, my starlit sky
I play for you under moon and trees, resting in shadows and cold, dead leaves
Once upon a New Year's day  Ruin and smoke, firelight dreams… Bombshell drop, explosion rings
Things I almost remember…here is my homeland, and I will stay
And a song somone sings… will you still be here with me?
Once upon a December
I play for you under moon and trees,
resting in shadow and cold, dead leaves
If you hear this song, remember me
Once Upon a New Year’s day
Once Upon a New Year’s day

So that’s that. It was originally called something like Watashi Wa, which doesn’t seem to fit the song too well. I want to rename it to Once Upon A December. I have great ideas for this song (which clocks in at something like 10 minutes the first and only time we roughed it out), and I really want to get it perfected and recorded.

I have a good plan for the song, I just need to remember the way the song goes. I can hear it in my head, I just can’t get it figured out on the guitar. This is one of those songs where the lyrics and music collide and mix with ambient effects (and not so ambient effects) to tell the full story.

Also, check this out:

*Mark Wampfler contemplates the remake of Ashitaka.* This song is an entity that you can only see portions of at a time. It lives in the sky, and despite the recurring attempts of several individuals known as "the few no more" to bring it to the ground (corporeal realm,) he continues to elude us. Its probably because if fate were altered in this way, tfnm would already be famous and the group would be in some other form than the one it is given now. The Adagio for Life and Love aka Ashitaka's song has yet to be set in record, thusly, the global eardrum has yet to be shaken from its unrockability, TFNM still fumbles through life as a modularized dragon burning armies and guarding treasure on both sides of the Cont. Us., and I don't have no contract with which to cash in on!

Life is growing old and learning to love the memories you hate because then will never be now again. Thats one of the things I tell myself to get up each new old day. But I also tell myself that I shall, AND MUST one day contribute the the recording of a song that brings joy to many. I firmly believe that song is about ashitaka.

-I miss being part of something like this, and I always will.

Same here. I so badly want to record this. This is my goal. I want Ashitaka to be recorded the way we had it going in the end. It was such an amazingly beautiful song. I will get Bakke in on this and hopefully we can get this recorded during our free time. I have to get a guitar in to the “Sacrificial Lamb” tuning we developed for this song, but that is fine by me. And we have to remember how the song went.

I agree fully with Mark, I miss being a part of a band like we were. Those were the best times I have ever had.

The Few No More kinda lives on here.

TFNM music can be obtained here. My personal favorites are Winter, Crushed, and Anything But Blue. Reality is my baby, but my guitar would not stay in tune for me to record that sucker all the way through, so there are some issues I am not fully pleased with, but Meg’s violin saves the day.


December 17, 2007

I hadn’t realized how many of the bands that were influential to my high-school/middle-school years had broken up. Almost all of them were on Tooth and Nail records.

  • Stavesacre (well, aren’t gone for good, but will be soon)
  • The Huntingtons
  • Joe Christmas
  • Ace Troubleshooter
  • Ninety Pound Wuss
  • Slick Shoes
  • Sidewalk Slam
  • Fanmail
  • Ghoti Hook
  • Furthermore
  • Further Seems Forever
  • Hangnail
  • The OC Supertones
  • Havalina

There are also a few bands on the list that are still active under new labels that I thought died out years ago. The Danielson Famile! They still exist! And are still all cracked out!

The Aurora playlist, as it stands (Song – Artist – Album):

  1. Hear You Me    Jimmy Eat World    Bleed American
  2. Next Year    Foo Fighters    There Is Nothing Left to Lose
  3. The light fantastic    Fly Paper Jet    http://music.download.com
  4. Your Name    Ozma    Spending Time on the Borderline
  5. Grey Lines    exit the ordinary    http://music.download.com
  6. Curve in the Old 1-9    Ozma    Spending Time on the Borderline
  7. If You Don’t, Don’t    Jimmy Eat World    Bleed American
  8. Sodium Pentothal    The Mayflies USA    http://music.download.com
  9. Breath in Breath out    exit the ordinary   
  10. Continental Drift (Flight Of The Bootymadmoiselle)    Ozma    The Doubble Donkey Disc
  11. Down with your Heart    exit the ordinary   
  12. In Your Arms    ASHES    http://music.download.com
  13. Everlong    Foo Fighters    The Colour And The Shape
  14. Come Home Andrea    Ozma    Spending Time on the Borderline
  15. Headwires    Foo Fighters    There Is Nothing Left to Lose
  16. Inside    One Day Less    http://music.download.com
  17. What You’ve Done    exit the ordinary    http://music.download.com
  18. Awake    One Day Less    http://music.download.com
  19. Hey, Johnny Park!    Foo Fighters    The Colour And The Shape
  20. Those Days You Felt Alive    Spitalfield    Remember Right Now
  21. Easy in Threes    exit the ordinary   
  22. Walking After You    Foo Fighters    The Colour And The Shape
  23. Restart    Ozma    Spending Time on the Borderline
  24. Learn To Fly    Foo Fighters    The Colour And The Shape
  25. Five Days and Counting    Spitalfield    Remember Right Now
  26. Tired Of You    Foo Fighters    One By One
  27. I Love the Way She Said LA    Spitalfield    Remember Right Now
  28. Wake Up    Ozma    Spending Time on the Borderline
  29. Main Street    ASHES    http://music.download.com
  30. Aurora    Foo Fighters    There Is Nothing Left to Lose
  31. She is perfect    the pillows   
  32. Light Years Will Burn    Ozma    Spending Time on the Borderline

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June 5, 2007

Quick Five:

  1. Rebirthing by Skillet (album: Comatose)
  2. Never Know by Jack Johnson (album: In Between Dreams)
  3. I Need You by Relient K (album: Five Score and Seven Years Ago)
  4. On Your Wings/Cinder and Smoke by Iron & Wine (album: Our Endless Numbered Days)
  5. Barriers by Ozma (album: Pasadena)

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I’ll put this to a tune soon.

Ho! ho! for my arms of steel!
That are always strong, and never can feel
The weakness that creeps o’er the muscles of man
(Though they fashioned mine by some curious plan).
As he trembling clings to the ladder’s round
Two hundred fathoms under the ground!

Weary with toil for one third the day
I hear their footfalls coming this way;
Put on thy strength, O arms of mine,
Carry them up where the sun doth shine.
One by one they come without sound
From two hundred fathoms under the ground!

Hammers and drills they’ve left behind.
Down in the caves their strength hath mined.
And quickly their fears all pass away,
As swiftly they return to the upper day —
Trusting the friend whose arms they’ve found
Two hundred fathoms under the ground!

O noble’s the task that is mine to perform.
‘Tis ever the same in sunshine and storm:
A while I am master, yet ever the slave,
For the lives of men my energies save.
And they bow to me when my arms reach down
Two hundred fathoms under the ground!

Then ho! again for my arms of steel!
And ho! for my rods and strong toothed wheel!
Ho! ho! O man! for the MAN ENGINE!
I’ll save your strength if you manage mine,
And ne’er shall you reel on the ladder’s round
Two hundred fathoms under the ground!
Two hundred fathoms under the ground!

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You get Relient K’s new album, Five Score and Seven Years Ago. Quite awesome, and nothing like their earliest stuff. The song remains the same though, with the same message. After all, that’s the important part.

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February 10, 2007

Top artists of my week:

  1. The Coral
  2. The Decemberists
  3. Broken Social Scene
  4. Demitri Martin
  5. The Supremes

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Let’s pretend we’re in Antarctica…

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Post on our bands forums a long time ago…


Just dragging up some old stuff. I’m suprised the forums are still up.

Working on a new song, but I think I need to flesh out Mississippi a little bit more. Man, I suck at guitar. I haven’t played in forever, and I have to relearn all the music theory (ya know, scales and stuff) that I used to know. Right now, it’s just basic chords and progressions.

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