Northern Brethren

November 30, 2008

The Northern Brethren are coming back!

Northern Brethren is the Guild Wars guild that a bunch of us folks from Michigan Tech formed back in the World Preview Event in 2005. Since then, activity has fluctuated, ranging from an addicted core, to nearly dead. In our prime, we were a top ranked Guild vs Guild team, coming in at #12 worldwide. The metagame shifted a ton, and we quickly retreated to PvE play, and still enjoy it.

Today, we are in the reformative stage, figuring out how to get back in to the game and remain loyal to our GW roots (The Wikipedia article on Guild Wars used to use the Northern Brethren as a visual representation of the original six character classes).

Anyway, the new Northern Brethren site is up. Check it out, come back often for updates.

I really like the GvG log I maintained for the longest time. My favorite part, and hopefully something I can begin to update again soon.