May 12, 2006

Race at Dixie got cancelled due to weather. So, now I’m wondering what to do tonight. Probably go to Saginaw with Jill and hang out with Solo and Holly. Eat at Red Lobster. Aww yeah. So I’ve gotta get in contact with people.

Also, WordPress just did maitenence, which means I can’t really put in any links. HTML editor and the regular editor toolbar have been disabled.

Also, I need a new phone. Dropped mine, and now it doesn’t work right. New phone=new job. Don’t have the money right now to get a new one, but luckily I can just get a new Tracfone and slip the SIM card in and be up and running (I think). Gotta do the research on that.


May 12, 2006

Offer is still up for anyone who would like to go to the race tomorrow. We'll be leaving around 5-6pm. Tickets are 12 bucks, and we always go out to eat afterwards. It's a fun time!

Michigan Short Track Racing Club