I love Ryan Adams’ music. It’s great stuff, truly.

But that mind of his does spawn some interesting stuff. In 2006 he released about 18 albums worth of work in various genres including metal, punk and hip hop. Very trippy stuff. But also pretty good listening for halloweenheads. You can’t find it many places 100% legally, but it does float around the torrent world.

Here are his pseudonyms and a little description of the type of music. Hit the links to see the torrents.

DJ Reggie: DJ Reggie is one of Ryan Adams pseudonyms under which he records mostly rap & hip-hop songs. In 2006 he put 7 DJ Reggie records on his website:

A Reginald Gangsta
1980 x 1,000
Holla Dayz Inn
Snapz the Clown
East Side Story

Sad Dracula: Sad Dracula is some of Ryan’s neat rock stuff. Kinda interesting. Some has a 70’s rock vibe to it, kinda influenced by the Doors maybe? Of all the sub-bands, Sad Dracula is my favorite. If you like the harder RA, this is good for your ears.

Warren Peace: Some more rocking RA. I am a fan of Fire and Ice. Good stuff. Kinda like Enemy Fire, but with more rock.

Werewolph: Holy messed up. It’s superheavymetal/thrash. And I think the entire album can be played in under 3 minutes. Crossing Foggy Mtns is the best (most coherent) song, though there is a cover of Creed’s “Higher”.

The Shit: Haven’t heard any of this one, so can’t say how it is. But it should be an interesting listen. Albums released:

This Is Shit
…Hits The Fan
General Ulysses S. Hospital
Hillbilly Joel
Slef Portrait
Christmas Apocalypse (Part 2)
Holy Shit!
The Movie


So give them a listen. It’s interesting stuff, as I said, but it just makes you want to go out and buy Heartbreaker and Gold again. And then all of his other stuff.