I took a look at Jeff Croft’s article on a return to browser wars. I haven’t read anything I agree with so much in a long time.

From what I gather, the idea is that the more we focus on making everything so standards compliant, the more we lose focus on innovation. Things become stagnant and stale, locked in to unrelenting formats and codes. So screw standards compliance! Use them as an initial guide, but if you can’t make the site perfectly match up to what the W3C sets forth, don’t let that hinder you into creating the next big thang! If folks come up with something that works but breaks cardinal rules of the W3C, and this method is better than the preengineered way then the standard should be nullified.

Think of it like this. Many cities have zoning ordinances. In these ordinances there are all sorts of rules that a building or property has to follow to be acceptable. But sometimes variances must be petitioned for. Maybe the building height just can’t stay below the maximum height set out by the code. Obviously, this can be a problem, but if there is good reason for the excess then a variance can be granted.

Look at the iPhone. Yeah, I’m telling you to consider what I find to be the most overhyped, underwhelming device of the year as a prime example. Due to limitations put on the device, websites are being designed just so that they can be displayed on the iPhone a specific way. Some of these are pretty far off of standards, but due to the application, it is required. [I hate when people complain because they can’t view a site with their iPhone because the site uses Flash. That’s your problem, the rest of us can see it fine! Same for Wii Opera.]