December 17, 2007

I hadn’t realized how many of the bands that were influential to my high-school/middle-school years had broken up. Almost all of them were on Tooth and Nail records.

  • Stavesacre (well, aren’t gone for good, but will be soon)
  • The Huntingtons
  • Joe Christmas
  • Ace Troubleshooter
  • Ninety Pound Wuss
  • Slick Shoes
  • Sidewalk Slam
  • Fanmail
  • Ghoti Hook
  • Furthermore
  • Further Seems Forever
  • Hangnail
  • The OC Supertones
  • Havalina

There are also a few bands on the list that are still active under new labels that I thought died out years ago. The Danielson Famile! They still exist! And are still all cracked out!