Hell Week

December 11, 2007

Don’t really feel the burn yet, but here’s my upcoming week and a half or so:

  • Tuesday: presentation at 2 for Construction Project Management
    • Work on Structures project after
  • Wednesday: Turn in final Structures HW, get Structures take home final exam at 9am, take final Equipment Management exam at 2pm, final Const. Proj. Mgmt. class at 3pm. IME documentation due by midnight
  • Thursday: IME meeting and Structures project
  • Friday: Final Safety Management quiz is due in class at 10am, possibly get back Structures and Equipment Management finals
    • Head out to the KBC for well deserved pints!
  • Saturday: Complete Structures project (if not done already)
  • Sunday: Church (if I can get my car out and no major parties are thrown the night before), football and studying for Safety final
  • Monday: 10am: Safety final. Structures project due by 5pm, want to turn it in after Safety final though
  • Tuesday: Pack, get oil changed, buy snacks and caffeine for road. Study for Project Management final
  • Wednesday: 3pm: Project Management final. Hit the road as soon as I am done, about 4pm?

As you can see from the previous post, I should be getting in around 13 hours after departing, which makes it about 4am. I can handle that as long as there are no late night ice storms across the midwest like those occurring right now.