July 5, 2006

The ratrace kills.

Spend too much time chasing after the green rabbit, and you lose track of what really matters around you. It’s something you have heard over and over, but do you really think about it much?

I’m reading a book called Blue Highway, by William Least Heat Moon. One of my favorites lines: “Down along the ridge, I wondered why it’s always those who live on little who are the ones who ask you to dinner” Slow food is something that those who live on little appreciate, and it is not a hard concept to grasp. Those with little realize that there is more to life than money. People come first, money comes later. Tap Warren Buffett on the shoulder and see if he understands that…

(Warren Buffett might not be the greatest example, since he is giving his fortune away to charity, but you get the point…)

Made it to Naperville in record time, just barely over 5 hours. Although I was speeding, since Melissa was throwing up in the passenger seat beside me, and I wanted to get her home quickly.

Finally got the two seasons of Invader Zim, and I am so happy with it. Not happy that my hands are burning. Made jalepeno poppers (jalepenos gutted and filled with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon, and then grilled for 15 minutes or so. Probably delicious, but I don’t really want to try them) and I’m having some reaction to the chemicals in the peppers. I can definitely handle a hot pepper, but for some reason, my hands are still on fire, and my thumb feels like its caught in a handclamp. It feels like when you have had your hands outside in the cold, and then you bring them inside and run warm water over them. Very odd.

Gotta get to work in the morning and I will no doubt have a ton to do (got 70+ email feedbacks to do). I would love to stay up for the Guild Wars 4th of July event, but I’m already falling asleep.

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